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Bottom line, look like you accumulated more bits and pieces over time. Different colors, and make them look worn and patched.

I would say a minimum of three layers of different kinds of materials. Expect them to take great care of their weapons and armor, but if its ripped, patch it. Since the waistline is hidden under armor, and the war belt (more on that in a second), it doesn't matter if it has pockets, a modern belt, and or logos on it. Toe shoes look like monster feet, break up the shape of the foot, and look great.

Do you have any ideas of what steps a new person just starting out on a budget could take to start off in the right direction, instead of falling into the 'hobo' trap? The armor is obviously the expensivd part and if you are on a budget, talk to your local armorer about buying some of their scraps. Stitch, layer, and wrap those into a latchwork armor plate.

Is there some sort of ideal progression that would help a noob get from nothing to badass orc most efficiently, or is this a trial and error thing? At this point you still look sorta barbarianish, so slap some paint on. There are ways to go about doing this without spending hundreds, they just take time and patience.

We all have seen the Drachenfest orcs by now, and i will try not to use them as an example more than once because their game is not designed for full contact like ours and a lot of their gear reflects that, but they are a great example of layers.

Patchwork armor, layered leather armor, or pretty much any basic munitions grade armor is perfect. The armor should look protective, but not brand new.

Its a small detail, but one thats often overlooked by many. The thing that makes it great for a shaman, also makes it great for an orc. If you want to do them out of armor grade material? Its not in the way of your shots and strikes, its not in the way of your feet and movement. I think i have about eight layers of different kinds of material on my warbelt.

So much the better, but this look can also be pulled off with a lot of patience, and some thin leather scavenged from good will leather jackets. It just hangs there, and can really set off everything else in your kit. Furs, warbraids, beads, netting, simply tattered cloth, trophies, etc. I went out to walmart and picked up a bag of gold and copper colored plastic beads..just started adding them on.

If you are brand new you are going to suck at it for the first year, but people will go with it because at least your trying, sort of. Very shamanistic with complex rituals and a complex society mirroring the more violent traits of human society. Skill color ranges from white, to green, black, brown, or gray.

If your wearing chest armor, awesome...ahead of the curve.

If you don't wear chest armor, you absolutely want to wear layers.

Every new event you go to something gets worn out and repaired so it looks even better or you add another event token to your belt, or a new trophy to your armor.

Carve a symbol into your chest piece for every spectacular kill and have a story behind it.

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Frack off, seriously its a bad idea and your a bad person for trying. You can't just go out to the store and buy a good orc kit. Nor can you go to good will and pick up a bunch of tattered stuff and then expect to make that work ether although good will does factor into some of what you will add on to your kit. Having said that, we will start with a break down of the different kinds of orcs. Tolken Uruk-Hai / Hobgoblin- Literally means Superior Orc. Also black skin, possibly albino if your trying to appease an ethnic group. Militant, organized, professional and very highly skilled unless your fighting a lone gondorian. More shamanistic in behavior with more trophies, fetishes, bones, feathers, etc etc attached to their gear. Very skilled soldiers unless fighting a certain dark elf with an absurdly complex back story. Their gear doesn't look too terribly different from a contemporary human since they trade and interact with humans society.

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