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Sexual webcomics

It shouldn't really work but it very much does, every single time. Chris Onstad's Achewood first appeared in 2001 and focuses on the strange lives of a thoroughly diverse cast of stuffed toys, pets and robots.

Absurd by nature and often thoroughly surreal, Achewood's simple artwork belies its complex storylines and often glorious use of the English language.

Kate started the web strip during her breaks from her day job and they were surprisingly all created in MS Paint (I know right?!

)Her simple, whimsical style, caricaturing Western historical figures from James Joyce to Ada Lovelace make Hark!

If you’d like to stay updated on this amazing fan project, be sure to follow Moreci and Sevy on social media!

Please help the Graphic Medicine cause by sending us your web comic recommendations or, better still, your web comic reviews and we will include them and credit you for finding/reviewing them.

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The likes of Batman, Superman and Spider-Man have all won the hearts of successive generations of readers – to such an extent that, despite the rise of the internet, the printed comic industry is still booming.

That doesn't mean the web is irrelevant to comics, though – far from it.

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If you’d like to learn more about why Elisa launched this webcomic series and how she creates each comic strip, check out her interview with The Wookiee Gunner.