Updating steam power

Posted by / 15-Aug-2017 13:26

But it does seem like Valve’s been working at a breakneck pace since sending out early review hardware, updating the Steam client beta near-daily and pumping out firmware updates for the Steam Controller almost as frequently.

This is one of the two main problems with Steam In-Home Streaming: the software simply feels unstable, and troubleshooting from the couch is much more difficult and much more frustrating than it is at a desk with a mouse.

I encountered these issues again and again streaming to the Steam Link in a variety of games.

Duck Game wouldn’t recognize controller inputs and was impossible to quit; using the Steam overlay to exit the game left it running in the background with menu music at full blast.

Those are the positives: when streaming works, it works well.

But those times are rare, and actually playing a game means wading through crashes, controller frustrations, and streaming compatibility issues.

When I find brilliant mods that improve upon already great games.

When I can switch back and forth between a controller and mouse/keyboard on the fly.

When joining games with my friends is a Herculean task that should be simple.

I’ve never experienced so many Steam crashes in all the years I’ve used it.

In fact, when I dabbled with streaming last year, I don’t remember it ever crashing. I’ve put much more time into streaming in the past month, so maybe I just got lucky before.

And even if streaming from Steam OS is more stable, you lose access to the thousands of games only available on Windows.

There’s only so much of this Valve can control in Windows.

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It handles video decoding without issue, includes built-in Wi-Fi (though you should really use wired), can connect to Steam Controllers without a dongle, and is small and unobtrusive.