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The textbook will be found in the MOODLE course room in the “Course Information” block. You do not need to purchase textbooks in the online courses. Be sure to check your Essex email account, which may be accessible from the portal site well as ‘Messages’ in your Moodle course room.Your important announcements will be located in the “Professors Announcements” block.A student who is absent from all classes during the first ten class days of the fall and spring semesters will be recorded as a “No Show.” A withdrawal will appear on the student’s record and the student will be notified of the “No Show” status by the Registrar’s Office.Students are advised that “No Show” status in one or more courses may affect their eligibility for financial aid and veterans’ benefits.You may have term papers, projects, discussions, essays or other assignments, as well as quizzes or tests. So be sure to read your syllabus carefully as it will explain this in detail.

It is the responsibility of the student to know and follow the attendance policy as required for each course.Check regularly for important information from your instructor.Students’ performances in distance learning classes will be assessed in different ways.Students who stop attending classes and do not formally withdraw will be recorded as “not in attendance” and will receive grades of “F.” This status may also affect their eligibility for financial aid and veterans’ benefits.Your syllabus for the online course is posted on your course home page.

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